Quantum astrology: a unique vision.

My name is Roxane. I am an Astrologer, a medium, and a parapsychologist. For more than 20 years, I have been practicing astral-quantum vision which is a combination of clairvoyance and the science of the stars. I can show you that another reality is possible, the reality that YOU choose.

Through a connection to your personal flow of energy, my quantum vision allows me to identify the blocks that have trapped you in the past, and, more than this your potential for luck I’ll show you how to boost your luck.

North Stone


The powers of the NORTH STONE have already provided more than a million people with the hope to get anything they might want. The NORTH STONE is doubtlessly the most widely worn piece of jewelry meant for luck and protection. Both men and women have been wearing it for decades.

This stone is a natural magnet. As such, it has a pure and natural action. This magnetic stone
results from the magnetic forces of the Earth.

Ask Astrology

Ask Astrology is a community, a pool of talent and members, who come together around a shared passion. It’s thanks to you, and only you, that Ask Astrology will be able to grow and satisfy all your needs and desires.

Our aim is simple: bring together a team of enthusiasts to provide you with the answers to all the astrology-related questions that may be running through your mind, but also to open new horizons by offering you original and understandable content. No matter what you are looking for, you will always find the answer.



I am an Old School Medium with Internationally Recognized powers. A medium from birth, and a psychic for more than 50 years, my gift allows me to channel ALL the positive energies swirling in the near and distant universe to you like a beam of luck – capable of changing your life, your love, your wealth and your happiness.

I teach Tarot reading, pendulum use, dowsing, and numerology. But most of the time, I help those who call on me to solve a problem, regardless of what it is.

My goal: “To allow you to attract luck to your life. To keep any existing negative force away from you.”



My abilities as a medium and clairvoyant are a part of me. No ground coffee, no crystal ball. I sense, I feel, I see, I interpret. I learnt many ways to help people overcome their stress, their anxiety, to answer their questions and solve their genuine problems. This is when I started studying various arts of divination.

And one day, I became fascinated with tarot reading and numerology, where the most important events in existence can be found. Out of passion, I became a great specialist. This is how I can precisely analyze your life path, calculate your lucky numbers or even perform a tarot reading.

My Good Luck Charms

Your luck is in good hands!

People here at “My Good Luck Charms” make up a thoughtful community of discerning explorers whose mission is to help you reconnect with your potential for luck. Our team travels the globe in search of the rarest and most powerful Good Luck Charms. With deep respect and understanding of cultural traditions and practices, we gather these precious Luck Connectors and share them with you, to help you reach your full potential for happiness. We want you to enjoy wearing your personal Charms, so we only select the most special, powerful, and beautiful ones.



A man who talks to Angels

I am not a priest. I am a simple man with a surprising Gift as a Medium. This powerful divination gift allows me to establish angelic connections and, to invoke and speak to Angels.

Today, it is You whom I wish to speak to, in a spirit of universality, free from any religious or sectarian dogma, to make you discover the World of Angels!

I can offer you, through my Angel Reading, personalized help that will allow you to find your Guardian Angel and speak with him.



There are very few pure psychics like me who can “see” without requiring any support, just by focusing their psychic thoughts on someone or someplace.

I also often have powerful and unexpected psychic flash visions without even consciously triggering them. And every time, this is a deeply moving experience.

Whenever I feel a vision coming, my body and mind are one. I feel a connection with the great cosmic currents. I see astral pathways extending all around me, and people and things to come appear to me, real and tangible.



“There is an angel in every little thing”

This might be my favorite spiritual quote because nothing could be more true! We all have a Guardian Angel. How can you talk to him? I can help you by interceding with your Angel on your behalf. Money, Luck, Love, Work, Protection, no matter what you are worried about, I can bring you swift, clear, and detailed answers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find happiness in your life: Ask me to consult your guardian angel on your behalf.